Three to Five-Year-Old Program

Three to Five year olds have an integrated hand- on learning experiences. Experimentation and exploration build high-level thinking, challenging experiences. Staff members offer creative activates to stimulate minds to the highest level possible by partnering with parent to provide a safe and loving environment.

Three to Five-Year-old program operates on a set schedule with instructional time beginning at 9:00 a.m. Days are busy with circle time, center time, dance, outdoor exploration, and community walks. Learning environments such as Reading, Blocks, Art, Sand and Rice Play, Small Manipulative are explored daily and new items are periodically introduced to further understanding of the coordinated monthly theme.


Program Features

  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Hands on Learning
  • Focuses on channeling natural curiosity and developing pre- academic skills
  • Outdoor playground and community walks daily

Holidays, Celebrations, Special Events

Diversity is the key to a child’s awareness of the world beyond their small circle. We celebrate the diversity of the world and our preschool through lessons, activities and best of all celebrations.

Parent Projects

Parents share photos from their lives for family tree, valentine’s day card and explain how their child ha as changed and grown each year.

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Licensed By

The New Jersey Department of Children and Families
License # 120100161